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As the senior population increases in number and longevity, the healthcare and insurance industries are witnessing higher utilization of medical services by seniors and consequently, a greater number of health claims to process.

Without a supplemental plan, seniors can face tremendous out-of-pocket expense whether it be for routine office visits or unexpected catastrophic illnesses. In addition, beneficiaries who use their Medicare Part B benefits for outpatient hospital expenses are being charged nearly 50% of the total payment to the hospital for these services, compared with only 20% for most other covered services. More than ever it is vital that seniors find a reliable partner to provide financial protection against these growing claims obligations.

With a medicare supplement, customers receive a good value for their money. Many people don't realize that most claims exceed Medicare coverage. When Medicare is exhausted on these occasions, the liability belongs to the patient unless a Medicare Supplements is in effect.

An aging population requiring more frequent and more expensive medical care is one of the leading reasons for rising health care costs, according to a study by Watson Wyatt and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Other reasons for health care inflation include advancing medical technology and expensive new drugs.

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